MMORPG Tycoon 2 Roadmap

Milestone 18

Here's the roadmap toward our Milestone 18 build, showing all major new features and where we are along the path! Note that not everything is visible here; other new features, improvements, and performance boosts will be coming as well, along with bug fixes! These are just the really big-ticket new features!

Milestone 18 is mostly focused on 'systems'. Big feedback systems that the player will need to react to and optimise around. Milestone 19, by comparison, will mostly be about content; events, models, and more things using the systems that we're putting in place now.

  • Buy it!

    Early Access

    The game is publicly available on Steam Early Access, and anyone can now purchase and download the latest builds from the Steam Store page!

    Status: DONE!
    v0.17.0 - 7 January, 2020

  • Mo Monsters Mo Monsters

    More Monsters and Player Classes!

    We heard you loud and clear; you want more monster types and player types to customise, so we’re adding a new progression system where extra monster and player class slots unlock as you progress through the game!

    Status: DONE!
    v0.17.16 - 13 January, 2020

  • Buff and nerf!

    Customisable Abilities & Trainers

    Player, monster, and NPC combat abilities can be customised by the player; extra abilities can be added, abilities can be learned only at particular levels, and (for player classes), class trainer NPCs can now be placed to teach the players how to use those new abilities!

    Status: DONE!
    v0.17.49 - 6 February 2020

  • Speak another language!


    The game can now display its text in other languages! Initial language support will be French and German, with Spanish and many other languages following in the near future!

    Our community-led localisation effort is happening on Localizor

    Status: DONE!
    v0.17.96 - 2 May 2020

  • Everything's better with friends!


    AI Players join up to fight monsters and do quests together, plus keep each other company and make friends!

    Status: IN PROGRESS

  • Delving into the depths!


    Place dungeons onto the map to give your players bigger challenges, and to get them off your over-stressed main map servers for a while!

    Status: FUTURE

  • Hell is other players

    Factions & World PVP

    Start different players in different parts of the world, and have them fight each other when they meet!

    Also, cope with their complaints about how the other side has nicer content, better combat abilities, nicer players, and cooler hair!

    Status: FUTURE

  • Sometimes you just need a dragon

    World Raid Bosses

    Add endgame raid bosses for your players to fight!

    These huge epic bosses will give your players a reason to group up in much larger groups to tackle these massive threats!

    Status: FUTURE